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Student Reviews

Shiva Darshan Yoga Center is the best among the premium institutes offering yoga teacher training courses in Dharamasala. I have enrolled to this course online. I thoroughly enjoyed the serene beauty of the location here while mastering my favorite art, yoga. It seemed more like a holiday to me than a training perhaps because I have not only fallen in love with yoga but also with the environment around here.

Yogi Shiva is an expert in perfectly channelizing one’s passion to teach yoga, such that it aids one’s spiritual progress along with professional prosperity. This course first brought in perfection in me as a yoga practitioner before molding me into an ideal yoga trainer. It empowered me to see through my in capabilities and overcome them with ease. The best part of this course is that you will be certified at the end of the successful completion of the course.As this course is registered with Yoga Alliance, it extremely simplifies the process of registering yourself as RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hour). The certificate provided by them approves that the course we have undergone meets the norms and standards of Yoga alliance. It is extremely helpful if you wish to start your career as a certified yoga teacher right away from any part of the world.



Firstly we all learn discipline, we all learn respect, we all learn to obey others. Swallow your pride. Secondly, we learn to do it the way it should be done. i.e : Correct and detailed. Each bone in out body is placed the way it should be, bone by bone – limb by limb – to get the right befits, and to get the right circulation of blood and to get one’s prana out of the pose (asana). You will be pushed to your limits, but in the right way – the yogic way.

Yogi Shiva also has a great vision of seeing your problems. With your body and your mind, he can show you the right tools to move on. From the very first Yoga class with Yogi Shiva, I fell in love with his teachings. I felt like this was the thing I was looking for in a Yoga teacher. Yogi Shiva has got a wonderful way of teaching, full of knowledge, sensitivity and power. He has a way of getting you to places in your practice you never been before. He’s a great guide and awesome guy.



My names Grace. I did Yoga Training with yogi Shiva at Arambol beach Goa in Nov 2012. During this 28 days I learn lot new things with Yogi Shiva both as a drop in student and in a TTC, his methods are thorough and lead to a greater understanding of what yoga really is. He used many simple but unique methods to make every asana simple and easy.

Yogi Shiva has great Yoga Teacher and therapist, his way of teaching and correcting asana was excellent ,he is careful to mention that those suffering from a particular ailment should not do the pose and puts them in a pose that not only suits their condition, but also cure through r daily practice. In the Teacher Training Course, he is nice and cool to each of his student, always sharing encouraging correcting information throughout the teacher training. An experience the way he teach us I’ll never forget. I suggest it to everyone interested in a healthier way of life. From this 200 hours yoga teacher training I got confidence from self practice I got confident to teach yoga to others and much more confident to perform in public.